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Quantum Classes is an effort to provide students with an organized and structured education and guidance to excel in the country’s toughest engineering and medical entrance examinations.

Best Educator

25 Experience Years

Knowledge Executive Chemistry

Chemistry Faculty

Zoology Faculty

Physics faculty | 8 Experience Years.

MAT Faculty | 10 Experience Years

Botany Faculty

Chemistry Faculty

Physics Faculty

Social Science Faculty

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Study Plan

Our programme covers intensive classroom session of 3.5 hrs per day. 4 days per week, 700 hrs per year+Part wise tests throughout the year.

Specialist Teacher

Other than teaching Physics,Chemistry, Maths & Biology We have specialist teachers for Social Science, Mental Ability and Reasoning with wide experience in Board curriculum & Competitive exams.

Study Material

Highlights of important topics, Notes on Fundamental, Typical Questions, Important Formula.

Revision & Test Series

Other than the class tests, After completion of Syllabus, we make sure that each topic is practiced multiple times through our revision classes and then understanding level is tested through our Test Series.

Performance Check and Feedback

The Performance measure through class tests, classroom session and Test Series is analyzed and the point of improvement are planned.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is Based on Clarity Basic Concept, Develop Subject Interest, Elevate Thinking Capacity and Forging student for Final War.

Words From Our Students

Words From Our Students

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