5 reasons why you should choose Math instead of Commerce and Humanities

5 reasons why you should choose Math instead of Commerce and Humanities

 If there is anything that describes best the term “conundrum”, it is what every student goes through while opting for subjects as soon as they are promoted to the twelfth grade. More than the excitement, I suppose there is a rush in the head as to what to do, which stream to opt for and which one is “the thing” that is meant for them. There are many reasons for the anxiety and the dilemma, the foremost one being the fact that once you take the call this time, there is no going back; of course the pressure from parents and peers make this decision all the worse.

But we just want you to be laid back for a while because we might make things easier for you if not vanish the situation. If you are stuck whether to go for the mindboggling numericals or to take the intellectual path of humanities, we have a few reasons why you should choose the former one. Read on if you wish to make the number way, your way.


1. Well to begin with, math is but a way of life

If you think that math is but tedious equations and a sin/ cos trap, you better not go for it, because as William Paul Thirsten said- “mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding.”

Math is everywhere, even in the aftermath! The fundamentals, which are a part of the curriculum in this fantastic subject, are applicable in almost everything ranging from engineering in computer science, mechanics, civil to the routinely encountered problems. So, why not make this way, your way?  


2. With better math, comes even better programming

An inseparable part of programming, which itself is something which is much sought after and a pre requisite in many aspects related to a career in computer science, is the mathematical aspect of the same.

If you wish to be better in programming, you need to know math better. What could be a better way of learning math than opting it as your major subject?

So in short, math is the frog that you need to eat first!


3.…and the best physics ever!

Does the relativity theory fascinate you enough to become an erudite as a physician?  Trust us, math is the word you are looking for.

If you wish to master physics, master math. It is not rare to see people who are best in solving Newtonian Mechanics are the ones who have mastered the science of mathematics!

So if heat or electricity or optics is troublesome to you, you should take the math road.


4. Math makes the world a compact place

To simplify why we said this, mathematics has the ability to make what looks like an iceberg a mere ice cube. Using math, you can solve baffling problems like shooting fish in a barrel.

So let math make you deal with obstacles in no time and fill magic in your world, as it did for Pythagoras, when he said- “there is geometry in the humming of strings, there is music in the spacing of spheres.”


5. ON REPEAT- “Math way is the best way!”

So let us say you are at a fuel station and the attendant there gives you change in return of the excess money that you have paid. When you reach home, turns out he fooled you efficiently and handed over lesser amount than what he was supposed to! What a loss! Suppose this happens again when you tip a waiter or when you eat your favorite ice- cream. Again, what a loss! All this could have been avoided, had you made the math way, your way. This is why we say- “math way is the best way!”


So summing it all up, we only have a few reasons to tell you why you should choose math and not humanities; because it makes your life easy and better and also because it eliminates the disquietude you feel when you trouble your mind with the easiest calculations. We wish you luck with this wonderful subject already. J